Eyebrow Transplant in Navi Mumbai

Best Eyebrow Transplant in Navi Mumbai

Eyebrow transplant treatment is the most preferred method of hair transplant in Navi Mumbai for every age group. is a technique where Dr. Audumbar implants hair grafts to your brow area. The healthy hair comes from your scalp and then they are injected into your eyebrow region. The implanted eyebrows continue to grow for a lifetime. The procedure is very delicate. The implanted hairs have to be placed perfectly i.e. in the direction of hair of the existing eyebrows.


Mesotherapy hair fall treatment in Navi Mumbai

Hair mesotherapy is a cosmetic clinical approach for restoring volume and luster to thinning hair. It works on the connective tissue, circulation, and immune and neurosensory systems. Mesotherapy helps restore hormone balance. Further, it promotes the growth of new and healthy hair strands in both men and women. It increases the scalp microcirculation, reduces follicle shrinkage, provides nutrients, and stimulates hair growth.

Best FUE Hair Transplant in Navi Mumbai

Best FUE Hair Transplant in Navi Mumbai

FUE is one of the widely used and preferred methods of hair transplant in Navi Mumbai. We remove individual follicular units from the backside of the scalp and place them into the bald or thinning area during this procedure. The FUE hair transplant procedure minimizes discomfort by using local anesthesia, even when extracting and transplanting up to 2500 grafts in a single session. It allows for fast recovery and minimal scarring so that you can keep your hair as short as you want in the future without any scar tissue showing.

Hair Transplant Cost in Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Hair Transplant Cost in Navi Mumbai

With the average cost of hair transplant surgery in India starting at an average of 60,000RS (878.99 USD) throughout India and rising to an incredible minimum cost of $1550 in the United States you can save an average of 70-75% on the cost of your surgery simply by getting it done in India.