Lip correction surgery – all you need to know

Having a perfect lip can be a dream for many. But what if you do not have the lip as you always wanted? Contact Dr Audumbar to get the best lip surgery in Navi Mumbai.

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Having a perfect lips can be a dream for many. But what if you do not have the lip as you always wanted?


Well, now you have the option to have beautiful lips at an affordable cost in Navi Mumbai. Book your appointment with our skin specialist in Vashi Navi Mumbai.


You may have learned about lip augmentation surgery, a technique used to make the lips seem fuller. Lip reduction surgery, although less common, is helpful if you want thinner lips or don't like the effects of a prior augmentation.


Surgery is not the same as a dermatological treatment because it comes with more complications, such as inflammation and scarring. Even then, when done by an experienced and certified dermatologist in Vashi Navi Mumbai, lip correction surgery is considered healthy in general Trustworthy Source.


Learn more on what to expect from a treatment like this to see if it is right for you.

  • Surgery to reduce or increase the size of your lips


  • Body tissues from the lower or upper lips, or both, are removed during lip reduction surgery. This operation is performed to reshape the whole lip region.


  • First, we will give anesthesia — so you won't feel any discomfort.


  • Then our skin specialist will make an incision in the pink inner part of the lip line during the operation. As a result, the scarring will be minimized.


  • To decrease your lip's thickness, the surgeon extracts unwanted tissues and fat.


  • The surgeon will seal the incision with stitches until all of the intended tissues have been separated. Within a few days or weeks, the stitches will fall apart on their own.


Side effects of lip correction surgery

Since the lips are one of the most vulnerable areas of the body, it is essential to consult with a professional surgeon to reduce complications.

Within the first few days after surgery, you should experience redness, swelling, and mild discomfort at the very least. You may even easily experience bruising.

Lip correction surgery can result in inflammation, scarring, extreme swelling, and bleeding, as well as an allergic reaction (to the anesthesia).Yet lip correction is considered a safe operation, considering the possibility of side effects.


Period it takes to heal from lip correction surgery.

  • The swelling and redness may last a few days, but you should be able to speak and move your lips more easily after that.


  • The sutures will come out, and your lips will recover adequately in a week or two. Although this can seem to be a prolonged process, it is often less time-consuming than most cosmetic procedures. As a general concept, you should intend on taking a whole week off from college.


  • Your doctor may advise you to apply ice packs to your lips for your healing. You may either take acetaminophen or ibuprofen, which are both over-the-counter pain relievers. If your post-surgery complications last more than two weeks, contact your surgeon.


Who are the best candidates for lip enhancement surgery

Lip reduction surgery is commonly prescribed for those who wish to improve their facial look. The majority of patients who undergo this procedure have naturally big lips and have lips bigger than desired due to previous augmentation surgery or thin lips.


Lip correction could be a feasible option for any asymmetry that results. It is also popular to have the lip reduction operation done in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers. Lip correction treatments can also treat cleft lip and palate Trusted Source issues.But not everyone qualifies for the treatment.


If you are suffering from inflammatory or autoimmune diseases, mainly if they cause common mouth sores, you may be restricted from receiving the treatment. You can tell the skin specialist in Vashi Navi Mumbai your whole medical history ahead of time so that you can minimize the chance of complications after the surgery.You should quit smoking before availing of the surgery during rehabilitation.


If you experience cold sores or other kinds of mouth sores, you won't be able to have lip surgery. Your dermatologist in Vashi Navi Mumbai can suggest you have a treatment of infection first and then plan your operation.


If you have a history of herpes blisters in your teeth, make sure to tell your doctor. When you are recovering, they will most likely administer medicine to prevent this issue.

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