Laser hair removal – Things you should know

Laser hair removal is more than just ''zapping'' unwanted hair. It is a medical procedure that requires training to perform and carries potential risks. Before getting laser hair removal, you should thoroughly check the credentials of the doctor or technician performing the procedure. If you are planning on undergoing laser hair removal, you should limit plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for six weeks before treatment. That's because the laser targets the hairs' roots, which are temporarily removed by waxing or plucking.

Dr. Audumbar Borgaonkar Created on 8th Mar, 21

Body and face hair seems to be amongst the most problematic issues to deal with. It does not matter the number of times you try to get rid of your body hair, and it continues reappearing! If you like your body hair, that's fine, but if you want a perfectly soft, fresh feeling, you are interested in laser hair removal – the hair removal technique that can permanently remove your hair is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is more expensive than razors and home-based wax strips. You may think that waxing and shaving can be a money-saving procedure but, if you are considering for a long run benefit, then you should invest in laser hair removal. You'll not only save your hard earn money on your bikini and leg waxes over the years, but you'll also save time. Even more importantly, you will get rid of discomfort. Getting laser is the perfect cure whether you're tired of shaving your thighs, have peach fuzz, a fuzzy beard, or your bikini line is just too difficult to maintain. If you are looking for a laser hair removal treatment in Navi Mumbai, you should visit our skin and hair doctor in Navi Mumbai. Our doctor is very famous for providing excellent hair transplant treatment along with laser hair reduction. Our hair doctor in Navi Mumbai will take proper care of your laser hair treatment.

Now let us see how does laser treatment work?

The pigment melanin, which is found deep inside your hair follicle, is targeted by a laser beam. This heats up, damaging the follicle and wholly either then destroying it, blocking the hair growth. This damaging of hair is enough to delay hair growth in that follicle significantly. For the best results, multiple sessions may be needed.

Who can have a laser hair removal treatment?

Since the laser targets pigment, it works better on people who have dark hair and light skin. The issue about using the laser on people with darker skin is that the pigment (melanin) present in their skin consumes some of the laser beams and heats up, causing a burning sensation. Likewise, if you have light-colored hair, laser therapy would be unsuccessful.

Which part of your body is highly suitable for laser hair removal treatment?

Your Lower legs, armpits, and bikini line are the most appropriate places. Since facial hair is finer stubborn and influenced by your hormone secretion, it can be harder to eliminate. But laser treatment can provide you relief from any unwanted hair.

How many sessions will you require to see the result?

It can take near about 5 to 10 sessions, based on the area of your body. Your lower legs, bikini line, and underarms, which have coarser darker hair, react best to the few laser hair removal sessions. Some hair may never grow back after the first session of treatment, but some hair may require occasional sessions every year. Any hair that grows back will most certainly be softer and grow more slowly than your original hair. But it will still involve further treatment sessions regularly to achieve clear skin

How will you prepare for the laser hair removal session?

Shave your hair the day before your appointment. Otherwise, your hair will absorb more laser energy. As a result, there will be a chance of burning your skin. It also ensures that less energy can enter the follicle's foundation, resulting in less-than-optimal outcomes.

Is there anything you should avoid before a laser session?

Avoid getting a tan because it will raise the chances of getting a burn and hyperpigmentation from the laser treatment. Waxing before your procedure is not recommended because it extracts the hair and follicle, leaving little for the laser to target.

Is it true that laser hair removal incurs pain?

Waxing is more painful than laser hair removal therapy. A laser hair removal procedure requires a numbing cream and a cooling gel during the treatment. This facilitates the reduction of irritation during your laser therapy, and it seems like a rubber band rubbing on the body.

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