Face-lift in Navi Mumbai - All you need to know

Do you want to look younger? If yes, then the face-lift procedure is for you! A face-lift technique gives your face a younger look. There are many face-lift doctors in Navi Mumbai.

Dr. Audumbar Borgaonkar Created on 25th May, 21

One of the best compliments received is when someone says we look younger than our actual age. We feel so good at that time. Do you want to hear such compliments from people for you? 



Do you want to look younger? If yes, then the face-lift procedure is for you! A face-lift technique gives your face a younger look. There are many face-lift doctors in Navi Mumbai. This article talks about the face-lift process in detail, the risk associated with it, the face-lift procedure, the precautions to be taken after a face-lift, and the results.


What is a face-lift?

A face-lift technique gives your face a younger look. The technique can reduce the folds of skin on the cheeks and jawline and other changes in the shape of your face that happen with increasing age. During a face-lift, a flap of skin on each side of the face is pulled back, and tissues that lie below the skin are altered to give your face a younger look. Are you planning for a face-lift? Then kindly visit the best plastic surgeon in Navi Mumbai.


What are the benefits of face-lift?

Have you ever gone through your old photos where you appeared younger than now? Looking at those photos of yours, do you miss those days of youth, your younger version, and that younger face of yours? Do you wish you had that youthful look on your face now too?

If yes, then it is now the time to fulfill your wish. Yes, it is possible to make your wish come true and give your face a younger look.

There's no Abra ka dabra done to fulfill this wish of yours and give your face a younger look. Face-lift gives your face a more youthful look and appearance and fulfills your desire of having a younger look on your face. It is impossible to get the time and age back, but it is possible to get the look back! Thanks to face-lift, it has now made it possible to get our younger face, our youthful look back! Face-lift reduces the sagging appearance of your cheeks and reduces the excess fat in the neck.


What are the risks associated with face-lift surgery?

The risks associated with face-lift surgery include the following-

  • Hematoma: Hematoma is the collection of blood under the skin that causes swelling. Surgery is done to treat it and prevent it from damaging the skin.
  • Nerve-injury: Face-lift might injure the nerves. Surgery can help treat nerve injury.
  • Loss of hair: A face-lift surgery can also lead to hair loss. But with surgery, it can be treated.
  • Loss of skin: A face-lift surgery can also lead to skin loss. But with proper medications, it can be treated.

It is not advisable to go for a face-lift in Navi Mumbai if you suffer from a medical condition that prevents blood-clotting or takes medicines that thin the blood or experience frequent fluctuations in your weight.


How is face-lift done?


Initially, your face-lift doctor in Navi Mumbai will ask about your medical history. He will ask about the medications you are currently on etc. He will then examine your face by taking photos of your face from various angles and asking about your expectations from a face-lift surgery.

It is advised not to eat anything and wash your face and hair before face-lift surgery. Kindly follow the medication instructions given by your face-lift doctor in Navi Mumbai.

Before the face-lift surgery begins, anesthesia is given to the patient to make him unconscious.

A face-lift surgery involves elevating the skin and tightening the underlying tissues. Fat and surplus skin is removed, and the wound is stitched. The type of incision depends on the technique that will be used. It usually takes 2-4 hours to perform a face-lift surgery.

After a face-lift surgery, you may experience the following:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Numbness

Seek help from your doctor in Navi Mumbai immediately if you experience chest pain or shortness of breath after surgery.

It is advisable to implement the following to reduce complications after face-lift surgery:

  • Take medications as prescribed by your doctor
  • Apply ice to the face to decrease swelling
  • Do not apply makeup
  • Avoid doing vigorous activities
  • Do not put surplus pressure on the incisions
  • Stay away from direct sun exposure for at least 3 weeks.

After your surgery, there would be follow-up appointments scheduled by your doctor to remove stitches and drainage tubes, apply ointment to your incisions, etc. Your doctor would schedule appointments in Navi Mumbai to check on your progress and improvement.

A face-lift surgery makes your face look younger, but the youthful look is not permanent. The results of a face-lift surgery mostly last for ten years.



In this article, we understood face-lift surgery, its importance, and the procedure for carrying out a face-lift surgery. We also understood the risk associated with face-lift surgery and the precautions you can take to reduce the complications after face-lift surgery.

So, do you want to have a younger look on your face?

If yes, then what are you waiting for? Get a face-lift surgery done immediately from a face-lift doctor in Navi Mumbai and fulfill your wish of having a younger look and get your young face back again!