Causes of Hair Loss And What You Can Do About It?

Hair loss (alopecia) can affect just your scalp or your entire body, and it can be temporary or permanent. It can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or a normal part of aging. Anyone can lose hair on their head, but it's more common in men.

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Hair loss and thinning are a problem for both sexes. Undoubtedly, it is equally demoralizing for both of them. But men are likely to be affected by it than women. Relax, there are various hair loss treatments suitable for men and women to overcome this issue. We need to know the causes of hair loss before we attempt to resolve the hair loss issue. Dr Audumbar provides the best hair transplant in Navi Mumbai So, let us begin. 

What are the causes of hair loss?

Heredity - The most prevailing cause of hair loss is hereditary male or female pattern baldness. If you have a family history of baldness problems, you may start experiencing it too. It may begin early as in puberty. Some sex hormones can activate hereditary hair loss. Dr Audumbar says that In some people, hair loss occurs when there is a halt in hair growth. The other causes of hair loss include temporary and minor causes such as vitamin deficiency to complex reasons such as lifestyle diseases or underlying health conditions. Major illnesses, traumatic events, surgeries trigger hair loss. In these cases, hair usually starts growing back without treatment.

Hormonal changes that can trigger hair loss are:

  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Discontinuation of birth control pills

Some diseases that can cause hair loss are:

  • Thyroid disease
  • Alopecia areata - a condition that attacks hair follicles
  • Infection of the scalp like ringworm
  • Lichen planus - causes scarring
  • Lupus- causes permanent hair loss because of scarring

Medications that cause hair loss:

  • Anti- Depressants
  • Cancer medications (Chemotherapy)
  • Arthritis medication
  • Heart problems
  • High blood pressure

Physical or emotional shock can also trigger hair loss:

  • Death in family
  • Some accident leaving a trauma
  • High fever
  • Sudden weight loss

Nutritional deficiency causes hair loss:

  • Lack of necessary proteins and vitamins in the body

Hairstyle and habits:

  • Trichotillomania - the habit of pulling hair
  • Tight hairstyles add pressure to the hair follicles causing hair to break

What are treatments for hair loss?

Treatments for hair loss depend upon the cause of hair loss. Get to know our cost of hair transplant in Navi Mumbai for rates of our treatment suitable for you

Time -
If you face hair loss due to hormonal changes or emotional shock, it will only get better as time passes. So, give yourself some time to recover and wait for your hair to grow back. It takes nearly six months for the hair loss to stop and resume growth if the hair loss is due to delivery post-pregnancy. You may also be facing hair loss because of medications that you are taking for specific medical conditions. In such cases, please consult your doctor and seek options to prevent hair loss, such as stopping the medicine or changing it.

Professional hair loss treatments

Hair loss treatment is available for both male and female pattern baldness. Your dermatologist will examine you physically and suggest the most suitable hair loss treatment. Initially, it is best to start with non-surgical procedures, especially if there is excessive hair loss without visible baldness. Some of the available treatments are:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP):

Platelet-rich plasma present in your blood is ejected and separated using a centrifuge. This plasma is injected into the scalp to provide essential nutrients and increase the protein levels, which will help your follicles heal. Once the results start appearing, you will require annual touch-ups to maintain the natural density of your hair.

  • Mesotherapy:

It is a non-invasive medical treatment that involves inserting microinjections of amino acids, vitamins, and some other substances into the skin's epidermal layer. Mesotherapy will help balance your hormones and boost the growth of healthy and new hair.

  • FUE Hair Transplant:

If baldness is excessive and visible, it will be best to go for surgical procedures like hair transplant. In FUE hair transplant, the dermatologist will extract hair grafts containing 3-4 hair follicles from the back of your scalp with dense hair and transplant it into the baldness region using a punching needle-like apparatus. The FUE Transplant requires general anaesthesia, and hence you will not find it painful. In some conditions, you could require both non-surgical and FUE hair transplant treatment for desired results. When you visit our clinic, Dr. Audumbar will let you know more about these procedures. Remember, there is no need to be stressed about hair loss; it is, in most cases, a solvable problem. So please don't lose hope and visit our clinic. We promise you a satisfactory experience.

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